The Best Gambling Strategy Bankroll Management

Learn how to win at blackjack the players guide to gambling strategies and gambling systems for casino games. No bullshit and straight up, these are not guaranteed systems. If you looking for a high limit casinos and free meal ticket to the life of a professional gambler, take your dreams elsewhere, you’ll find plenty of con artists out there.

If you love gambling sites, the heart racing rush that comes from being in action, then this is for you. A good gambling strategy can be the difference to a gambler between having his session bankroll tapped out in 2 hours to being able to gamble for 2 days and 2 nights straight and still having a chance of being ahead. The following is a free online gambling guide! Mike Heure from teaches you how to play blackjack with real money on ...

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If anything gambling has always contributed to cultural vitality of the community with stories, hopes and dreams of wealth and risk and luck. The hot game at the moment seems to be no limit holdem poker, so there has been a flood of poker movies, shows and what not.

It all makes for great entertainment and keeps the poker community alive with fresh hopefuls but most of the movies and final table tournament shows are not that useful. The movies usually involve players with ESP level reading skills or involve hands that in real life would undoubtly indicate a rigged game. Final table tournament poker is a very special type of poker and is sometimes misleading to less experienced players.

So I havn’t compiled a complete list of poker videos here but the ones I think would be most useful from ...

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Gambling Quotes

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”
Theodore Roosevelt

“A good gambler can get money out of a lamp post.
In poker, money is power.”
‘Titanic Thompson

“The next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing.”
Nick the Greek

“Trust everyone but always cut the cards”
Benny Binion

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.” From the movie The Color of Money

“If you ain’t just a little scared when you enter a casino, you are either very rich or you haven’t studied the games enough.”  VP Pappy

“Son, we are sorry about the tuition funds…your mother and I did not...

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The Big List of Online Casino Bonus Codes

Right so heres the Big List of Online Casino Bonus Codes. This is basically for the advantage players out there looking to squeeze as much juice out of every deposit. The list is not a compilation of every casino bonus code out there but it has been vetted to include only tier one majors that have established repuations for reliable software and ease of money transactions. The list is ranked by size of percentage match then by the upper limit of match. The list is for real bonuses that you can get on your first initial deposit. Some casinos say $2000 bonus but they mean this over 1 year and over 20 deposits :P. None of that nonsense here. This is a list of real bonuses that you can claim on your first deposit...

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No Limit Holdem (NLH) poker is known as the cadillac of poker games. It is the style of poker that decides the championship event every year at the World Series of Poker. It also happens to be the most popular gambling game at the moment, with movies, tv shows, tournament ESPN coverage and the largest cash prizes of all sporting events. No other sport offers its champion as much as US$8.25 million (Jerry Yang 2007 WSOP Main Event Champion).

Part of the allure of NLH holdem is that it is as much an art as a science. Limit varieties of holdem can be played purely mathematically but NLH requires alot more feel and awareness of the other players and ability to adjust according. This means, you can spend a lifetime playing NLH and always be learning new dynamics of the game.

But don’t be too sc...

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Video Poker Strategies

On the one hand Video Poker is the thinking mans slot machine. Where skill and strategy are needed to be playing at a level where the house has less than a 0.5% edge. In contrast the mindlessness that is required to sit at a slot machine for hours.

But on the other, Video Poker is an action game. You can play 3-5 hands a minute once you have perfect strategy memorised. Action doesn’t get much better than that.

Unlike regular poker, its going to be difficult to make a living from video poker (unless you it one of the progressive jackpots) but is a great recreational game.

Video Poker Perfect Strategy

Like all gambling games, the long run will be ruled by the laws of probability...

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Online Slots Strategies

New Age of Online Slots

Its never been so good for slots players. Gone are the days where you needed to wait for the trip to Vegas to get a decent selection of slot games. With the advent of the internet and developments in the latest online slots technology, you have all the excitment of having hundreds of slots games available from the comfort of your own home.

Its not just that you can spin some reels in your bathrobes, the new online slot games are truely of a higher quality. Making use of the latest casino technology, these online slot games have much better graphics and gameplay than most standard casino slot machines.

Not only that, with lower operating costs, the best online casinos let slot games run looser so there is a much higher payback than any land casino can afford...

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Roulette is the King of Casino games. Every wheel carries a little of the original Monte Carlo magic. When the croupier calls “no more bets, please” and the wheel is spinning, your heart beats faster but time feels like its slowing down. When your number hits, its like a hit of destiny. Be warned… Roulette is a dangerous game.

Roulette strategies can be broken into two major styles, progression betting systems and mechanical systems.


The progression betting approach involves systems for when to increase, decrease and place bets. The two most major progression betting systems that roulette players should know are the Martingale System and the Labouchere System. You can take either a positive or negative approach to the Martingale and Labouchere systems...

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Craps is a classic casino dice game. It has always been popular with high stakes gamblers, hence the term “high rollers”. Indeed, craps is fast paced and addictive at any level. There is no other casino game where you can win and lose so much money so fast.

The interesting thing about craps though is that it really has a culture unto itself. You can spend years playing blackjack or poker with grim faced gamblers and then be amazed at how totally different the lunatics at the craps table are. These people have their highs and lows just like other players but when the table is “hot”, they go… insane. Its fun.

There are some interesting strategies to playing craps. On one hand you take a mathematical approach, like the Free Odds Basic Strategy, this will give the lowest house edge...

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Blackjack or 21 has been one of the most popular casino games, especially in North America. Blackjack should be of interest to any aspiring professional gambler because it the most consistently beatable game in the casino.

Unlike most other casino games, in blackjack past events do affect future outcomes. As cards are played they affect the composition of the remaining deck. If we pull out one Queen of Hearts that is one less Queen of Hearts in the deck. The opportunity for the player is in that not all deck compositions are favourable to the casino. Being able to exploit situations is what makes blackjack beatable.

If you are new to blackjack but want to play as good as the pros. Then start by learning the Blackjack Basic Strategy...

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