Baccarat is the classic James Bond game. Popular with the highest of high rollers, baccarat has always been the ‘Grand Game’. In Vegas, you will see the baccarat tables in special roped off areas but most of the high limit baccarat tables are in private rooms.

Baccarat is a natural high roller’s game as it has one of the lowest house edges in the casino. This means, the high rollers can get their action without making sucker bets. Likewise, because of the razor thin house edge, the casino prefers to limit baccarat for only the highest limit. Never-the-less, baccarat is a game that goes both ways and it is quite natural for casinos to both win and lose millions on its high limit Baccarat tables.

Whether your a high roller looking for a low house margin game or a more regular player, baccarat is one of the fast action casino games and great fun to play.


The game of Baccarat follows some simple drawing rules which the dealer will play out for both the “player” & the “banker”. This means that the actual player has very little room for control and strategy during each hand. You can consider the price for the low house edge and the speed of the action.

Never-the-less, players can follow a progression betting system like the martingale or labouchere to squeeze out more winning sessions. We have also included other staking systems that are popular with Baccarat players, like the Avant Dernier or Follow the Shoe system.