Craps is a classic casino dice game. It has always been popular with high stakes gamblers, hence the term “high rollers”. Indeed, craps is fast paced and addictive at any level. There is no other casino game where you can win and lose so much money so fast.

The interesting thing about craps though is that it really has a culture unto itself. You can spend years playing blackjack or poker with grim faced gamblers and then be amazed at how totally different the lunatics at the craps table are. These people have their highs and lows just like other players but when the table is “hot”, they go… insane. Its fun.

There are some interesting strategies to playing craps. On one hand you take a mathematical approach, like the Free Odds Basic Strategy, this will give the lowest house edge. There is another interesting strategy called the 5 Count, developed by a craps pro called The Captain. While this is less a mathematical strategy, it is more a system designed to identify and exploit good shooters.